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The Copyright of the articles that appear here is owned by AFOUTEZA E CORAZON S.L.U. Copyright covers all the rights of exploitation of these products and in any case the reproduction, distribution, and transformation, which cannot be carried out without our authorization.

Reproduction is understood to be the fixing of the elements in a medium that allows their communication and the obtaining of copies of all or part of it.

Transformation is understood to be any modification in the form of the article from which a different article is derived.
The reproduction, plagiarism, distribution or public communication of any of these elements without the authorization of AFOUTEZA E CORAZON S.L.U, constitutes a crime of those typified in the First Section of Chapter XI of Title XIII of the Spanish Penal Code, arts. 270 and ss, where "crimes related to intellectual and industrial property, the market and consumers" are regulated. Prison sentences of up to four years are contemplated for those who commit crimes of this type, in addition to the consequent fines and the different civil liabilities that may arise from the commission thereof.

Copyright is protected at international level by the Berne Convention, the Universal Geneva Convention about Copyright, the Paris Union Convention and the Montevideo Convention, all of which have been ratified by Spain.