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Ref. 10667

RC Celta cork and linen diary

€19.95 €8.95 -55%

Cork and Linen Agenda. White sheets printed in 2 colors. With pen holder and elastic to close in the same color. Pen not included. Supplied with non-woven bag. A5 measures 14.8 * 21 cm. Agenda page / day 352 pages and 3 languages


The dead bark of Quercus suber, a medium-sized tree better known as cork oak, is what we know as cork. This natural material is currently one of the most ecological, sustainable and biodegradable. ... Indeed, cork, despite its resistance, is biodegradable.

By its very nature, cork is recyclable and renewable, since it is the only tree that regenerates its bark, while the harvest of that bark does not harm the tree.

It is natural, it is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.


Flax is a plant vibe and is made up mostly of cellulose. It is also combined with other vegetable textile fibers such as viscose or cotton

Linen is an ecological fabric that takes advantage of all of it, so it does not generate waste and is totally biodegradable. The linen fabric is 100% reusable: it can be recycled into paper and insulation material very easily.